Reiki San Antonio is built on the principles of ethics, honor, quality and providing reliable service. Our diversified range in teaching continues to grow by, following trends, improving our standards, and listening to the students and clients.  Information in this website cannot, does not, must not replace professional medical advice. This is provided to educate you and open the door to a noble, user-friendly arena. In the end, you must weight all information, listen to your own sacred voice as well as the most professional health care you can find, in whatever style seems best for you. Disclaimer thanks to L. Kreiger


Reiki San Antonio in San Antonio Texas
"REJUVINATE, REFRESH, RELAX  AND HARMONIZE YOUR LIFE ENERGY WITH ALTERNATIVE   AND INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS TECHNIQUES   Our classes will enable individuals, nurses and caregivers to quiet their own mind as part of identifying subtle natural energies. 

The different techniques give everyone a better awareness and understanding of different cultural approaches to wellness, which has been an integral  part of everyday life for centuries.   


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